Sadly, Yelp doesn't always tell the whole story ...

We get great reviews most of the time - but we (well Nick actually),  gets really frustrated with YELP - because they hide so many of our - and other restaurant's reviews.
"In May & June of 2017 alone - 23 customers wrote reviews of our Santa Monica restaurant. 21 were 5 star. 1 was a 4 star. 1 was a 3 star. Only 3 reviews were published. 21 reviews were hidden. Our overall average ratings are 5 star, but because of YELP hiding the reviews our average score for the previous 3 months dropped to 4. Yelp tells you "its the algorithm, and it has no relation to advertising spend". OK. Yelp hides a bunch of reviews in the "not recommended" section. We have 155 reviews that you can't see, of which 129 hidden are 5 stars. The truth is 91.7% of our reviews are 4 or 5 stars.
All I suggest is that when you are considering a restaurant, take a minute to read ALL the reviews not just the visible ones.