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Remarkable food @ your place

In 2018 we have started a major initiative to serve the dozens of enquiries we get to offer our remarkable food at wholesale.

The enquiries we get are varied and have included

  • pubs & breweries
  • cafes & restaurants
  • offices that offer "grab" larders to staff
  • schools

We now have created a scalable production model that enables this to happen.

The foods that we offer wholesale include

  • pies in 3 formats including
    • Aussie (2 pastry) pies
    • Pot (1 pastry) pies
    • Shepherds (no pastry) pies - in jars , microwavable tubs & trays
  • soups, sides & gravies
  • lamington & bread pudding desserts
  • Brekkie® items. Brekkie® pies (quiches), Savory Croissant rolls & some gluten free/vegan items

if youd like to know more please email nick or geri