Lots of Vegan, GF and DF options

Lots of Vegan, GF and DF options


dietary needs

We have a great range of GF, vegan and DF options.

  • Some items are available in store, every day.- somes sides and both gravies are GF - our quinoa and yams are Vegan/GF
  • Others need to be pre-ordered, in advance- ideally a day - sometimes just a couple of hours - all vegan/GF pies must be pre-ordered.
  • Some items - can be made on the spot -it just takes a few minutes - ask instore about "naked" pies
  • Our range is being developed currently. These convenient, microwavable and freezable glass mason jars have dietary combinations that can often be consumed either warm or cold - and at a minimum are GF. Current range
    • Classic Shepherd : Ground Beef, Mash & Gravy - GF
    • Veggie Shepherd : Madras Veggie Curry & Yams - GF, Vegan, DF
    • CaribBEAN Quinoa : GF, Vegan, DF
    • Coconut Tomato Soup : GF, Vegan, DF
    • Brekkie® Bowl : GF, Vegan, DF

so whatever you need - we have you covered.