I have been eating pies for 30 years, and this is a great pie”

”I have been eating this for 30 seconds, and it is horrible”

”So make me a meat pie that you want to eat”

”I don’t know how”

”Well you’d better learn
— Joe and Nick's first pie "CHAT"


The Story of Fork-In Aussie Pie

Nick Bishop (who had 30+ years in global advertising and marketing communications), thought it was a great idea to open a pie shop in West LA. 

He and his partner, Geri Chua approached their friend - Chef Joe Youkhan, (a Food Network "Chopped" Champion), and asked him to help.


Besides Joe's repeated advice to not go into the restaurant business, and the fact Joe didn't like the pies he tasted, he took the challenge to "make a pie that he wanted to eat".


Our Pies take 3 days to make.

What Joe didn't like about the pies he tasted was the lack of flavor(s), the toughness of the meat and the pastry.

Day 1 : We marinate the filling for 24 - 28 hours

Day 2 : We slow cook the filling, then let it rest overnight in its own juices

Day 3 : We blind bake the short crust pastry bottom, add our 48-52 hour filling, add a croissant top, and finish it in the oven for 34 minutes.


No-one takes 3 days to make a pie. Except us.