Reinvented, remarkable food that is different, good & fast.

When we opened Fork-In Aussie Pies®, we wanted to create something different. 

We are well aware that this approach is not an authentic Aussie styled pie.

 It is really quite different in 3 ways.

  1. The way we prepare them - we take 3 days to marinate and make every one of our pies.

  2. The way we present them - stacked on top of our daily prepared sides - and we add gravy from the outside.

  3.  The way you eat them - with a fork, on a plate - not with your hands.

So how has this sacrilicious (we say delicious), approach been received? 

Over 92% of our Yelp/Trip Advisor/ Google / Facebook ratings being in the 4 or 5 star score, and with more than 86% of all the reviews we have ever received being 5 Star.

We have been very grateful and fortunate to have provided almost 500 catered situations of all shapes and sizes. Big & small. Fancy & casual. @work & @play.

In serving those folks, we have earned more than 90% repeat / regular orders, and 99% referral / recommend to a friend.

We like to think we created the Gourmet Fast Casual food category with a simple offering.  

Food that is really different, good & fast.

Our food is VERY different. It is a different take on pies - whether Aussie or pot pies, & definitely not your typical "rubber chicken" catering or pizza, wings and sandwich food solution.

Really Good To taste -, Chopped Champion Chef prepared - {our Chef Partner, Joe Youkhan is a Food Network, "Chopped" Champion], using only carefully chosen quality ingredients.and Really good looking (our pies are paparazzi friendly - more than 80% of first timers snap our pies)

& Really REALLY fast. - We do take 3 days to make our pies, but usually about 30 seconds to serve.The clock usually ticks longest as you decide.



What we do in words

Every day, by hand, we deep fill pies in

8 savory flavors and 3 sizes

Then we compliment them with a range of "sides" that we stack on top and underneath our pies.


Your stack can be any combination our sides.


Lots of options - in fact - currently 3968 possibilities

 Some of our favorite stacks

Some of our favorite stacks


Here is what we do - in look books, courtesy of Just click on the ICON