Reviews & Reactions

Every day we serve hundreds of people, in our 2 stores, with our delivery partners and with our catering.

We work really hard to provide a remarkable experience - with the food, the staff and the vibe. The press reaction has been superb.

Most people love it, and yep, every now and then something goes wrong, and when that invariably happens, we do our best to fix it.

Ideally we can fix it right when it happens. Sometimes we have to fix it later - but we always try.

We encourage our customers to talk to our staff, write in our visitors books and use the plethora of review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook & Google.

Our scores on various review sites are always really good - always in the 4.5-5 range.

Thank you for your feedback. We need it. We love it.Thank you.


We get great reviews most of the time - but we (well Nick actually),  gets really frustrated with YELP - because they hide so many of our - and other restaurant's reviews.

"In May & June of 2017 alone - 23 customers wrote reviews of our Santa Monica restaurant. 21 were 5 star. 1 was a 4 star. 1 was a 3 star. Only 3 reviews were published. 21 reviews were hidden. Our overall average ratings are 5 star, but because of YELP hiding the reviews our average score for the previous 3 months dropped to 4. Yelp tells you "its the algorithm, and it has no relation to advertising spend". OK. Yelp hides a bunch of reviews in the "not recommended" section. We have 155 reviews that you can't see, of which 129 hidden are 5 stars. The truth is 91.7% of our reviews are 4 or 5 stars.

All I suggest is that when you are considering a restaurant, take a minute to read ALL the reviews not just the visible ones.  



Please check out ALL our Yelp reviews HERE, HERE & HERE.




YELP "Ratings" since we opened

As visible by Yelp - not the real actual numbers. Yelp is the only website that does this - Google, Facebook and Foursquare NEVER hide ratings.


Thanks to the other 155 people who took the time to write reviews that Yelp doesn't show. The fact that 126 of them were 5 stars is kind of frustrating. "its the algorithm" Yeah right.