Diversity for us is about flavors + pie formats among other things.

 Sometimes, this is the perfect solution. Often it is not.

Sometimes, this is the perfect solution. Often it is not.

When we started reinventing the pie in 2014, we just wanted  to make the best pies on earth.

Most of our customers, (and Yelp), will agree, we achieved that in 2018. Yelp rates us the #1 savory pie in the USA.

However, the more we began to understand our customers, the more we saw the need for other options - in many ways.

  • flavors
  • sizes
  • dietary needs
  • day part and meal occasion needs
  • hot versus cold
  • packaging
  • accessability

... the list goes on.

SO we kept re-inventing.

We still make the best pies on earth, but we offer a very broad and diverse range of the tastiest, gourmet comfort foods, you can imagine.

  • personal, snack, family and catering sizes of pies, and other items.
  • omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free dietary options - that never sacrifice taste
  • sold in our restaurant, catered by us, wholesaled to partners, delivered and catered by partners and shipped across the country
  • we added other meal occasions
    • brekkie®,
    • happy hour and snack sized pies to our
    • lunch + dinner range

Besides (fully dressed) pastry pies, we offer topless, bottlom-less and completely naked (shepherds) pies, plus our Chef created range of

  • soups + sides + salads
  • gravies + sauces,
  • desserts.
  • We invented pies in jars - as a convenient, microwavable, shepherd's pie in a jar range 


We are an equal opportunity employer