Uploaded by Aussie Pie Kitchen on 2017-09-02.

The Pie-in-a-box.

Hot, seperated, pie with one or 2 sides, gravy and cutlery. Easy-as-pie.


Limited Menu Version

Give the crew (say) 5 options. Order a few days before and we will deliver the specific number of items on the day - all grouped by flavor. Examples

  • Steak with mash & mushroom gravy
  • Chicken with peas and CT gravy
  • Veggie Ratatouille with Yams & Mushroom gravy.
  • GF Thai Curry with Succotash
  • Vegan Ratatouille Pinwheel with Succotash and Mushroom gravy

OR a 100% Individualised.Version

Your name.

Your order.

Just for you.


Other Stuff too - provided family style

Whether it is desserts, drinks, fruit, or other snacks - we can always include those in your order - just let us know what you need