Some of Our Favorites —


The Tiger Stack

Steak & Shiraz pie on a bed of Yukon gold roasted garlic mash, topped with minty mushy peas and mushroom gravy

Full $15.95.Half $12.95


Almost Thanksgiving Stack

Our Chicken Tarragon pie on a bed of sausage croissant stuffing (featuring kale, white wine, pecans, garlic & onion), topped with our vegan roasted garnet yams topped off with creamy thyme gravy. 

Full $15.95 Half $12.95


Nanna Mac's Lamington Dessert

Sponge cake twice rolled - in chocolate , then in desiccated coconut $3.5


The Vittoria Flat White coffee

Carefully and lovingly steamed milk over a double shot of Vittoria Organic Espresso from Australia. We turn milk into silk. $4


The Todo Steak Stack

Not for the light hearted. Our Steak & Shiraz pie stacked with all 5 sides - peas, mash, mac n cheese, yams and stuffing.

Full serves $21.95. Half sides $17.95


Croissant Bread Pudding

We use the pie tops to make a delicious and decadent dessert with pistachios, chocolate chips, caramel and whipped cream. $6.95



Porky BBQ Stack

Our slow cooked bbq pulled pork with mac n 3 cheeses pie, nestled on a generous scoop of either roasted garlic mash, or sausage croissant stuffing with a generous ladle of mushroom gravy. $12.95


Classic 1/2 Tiger Stack

Classic Aussie Ground Beef pie with 1/2 scoop of roasted garlic mash and 1/2 scoop of our minty mushy peas - topped with mushroom gravy. $11.95


Vegan Naked Madras "pie" (crustless)

No crust. A scoop of Madras curry filling with our Garnet Yam Sweet potato side. Vegan. GF. $10.


Sunday Lamb Dinner Stack

Our 3 days to make lamb & rosemary pie stacked on our roasted garlic mash, topped with minty mushy peas and mushroom gravy.

Full $18.95 Half $15.95


Coopers (Australian) Beer

Available in our Santa Monica store. Green. Red & yellow.


Cutie Pies (catering) Snack sized versions of our pies in 2 sizes. 



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