People get hungry, particularly late in the evenings, and even more so - it seems if they have had a few drinks.


We cater pie floaters for your next event, sports viewing / drinkfest etc.

Call/email Nick - he will sort you out.

We offer all our regular menu of  pies, sides, and coffee - plus one very special late night addition. The Pie Floater, proven for 140 + years as Australia's most effective hangover killer.

Whats in a Floater? In a bowl we place an upside down Classic Aussie meat pie + a ladle of really amazing pea soup +  a dash of sherry vinegar + tons of ketchup.


In 1870 in Adelaide, South Australia,a drunk guy went into a café and ordered a meat pie and a bowl of pea soup. The pie was so hot and he was so drunk that he dropped the pie into the bowl of soup. The drunk café guest added a dash of vinegar and a ton of tomato sauce (ketchup) to his green concoction. Surprisingly, when our pie-oneer awoke the next day – he felt great - despite the copious amounts of alcohol that he had consumed the night before. He realized his floating pie in the pea soup with sauce and vinegar was his savior.

The hangover was cured. -The Pie Floater was born.

The pie Floater Hangover Killer. 

Born in South Australia in 1870.

Introduced to Los Angeles Halloween, 2014

 “when you are having a big night out a pie floater  lines your stomach with carbs and will make you feel like 500 grand the next day- (as opposed to a million bucks)..”

Nick, Pie-oneer,The Aussie Pie Kitchen

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