When did APK open?

We opened our first store located at 2510 Main Street in Santa Monica on October 15, 2014.

Our Second Store (and main production space), opened in Inglewood, at 11918 Aviation Blvd opened on November 13, 2015.

We opened (and then closed) a 3rd location opened on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, [near the 101 freeway & Silver Lake], in February 2016.It was too much for us. 

What is the story behind Fork-In Aussie Pie Kitchen?

And a look book version on Steller.


What are your store hours?

Santa Monica : Monday - Friday 11 am - 8 pm. Sat & Sun 9 am - 8 pm.

Inglewood : Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm

How authentic are our pies? 

They're not.

Our pies are different.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 8.55.50 AM.png

Pies in Australia are generally mass-produced by the (tens of) thousand(s) and sold in gas stations, convenience stores and at sporting events. Pies in Australia are hand held, and eaten out of a paper bag, drowned in "sauce" (ketchup) and usually eaten on the run. Pies are the Australian equivalent of a hot dog.

While Fork-In Aussie Pies are definitely inspired by the Australian meat pie,we have completely re-invented, re-created, and re-built the pie from the crust down.

Our approach, recipes, ingredients, cooking technique - and accompanying hot & cold sides make us a very different version of the classic Aussie Pie.

Our Chef, Joe Youkhan is a “Chopped” Champion. He had never made a meat pie before APK.

We take 3 days to make every pie.

We marinate ingredients for a day or more, then slow cook for 2-4 hours, then let it rest another day. Our buttery, high quality blind baked pastry base and separate croissant top are delicious and often crumbly to hold.

95 +% of our customers stack our pies with sides.

Our sides are hot and cold and include minty, mushy peas, hand mashed roasted garlic potatoes, roasted yams with cinnamon & nutmeg , croissant stuffing with sausage and kale, mac n 3 cheeses, or Edamame and Sweetcorn succotash.

We top our pies with a generous drizzling of creamy thyme or mushroom gravy.

Less than 1% of our customers eat their pies with sauce [aka ketchup].

How many possible combinations of pies and stacks are possible?


Our pies are NOT hand held (snack) pies.

Ours are a fork-in meal – but as we say,  "we'd rather eat them than hold them"

Is it Better?  You Decide. Is it different? Abso-fork-in-lutely!

PS. If you want a really authentic Aussie Pie, go see our mates Bronzed Aussie, in downtown LA, at Pie Not in OC, or go to LAX and jump on a plane...

Tiger Stack , featuring a Steak & Shirz pie on bed of stuffing, topped with roasted yams and drizzled with mushroom gravy. SLOW COOKED, SERVED FAST

Tiger Stack , featuring a Steak & Shirz pie on bed of stuffing, topped with roasted yams and drizzled with mushroom gravy.


How are your pies made?

We take 3 days to create all our savory pies.

·      On Day 1 we marinate all the fillings using the mirepoix French aromatic base. We add the specific proteins, meats and veggies as per the pie design, and let it rest overnight. 

·      On Day 2 we braise every filling for 2-4 hours. We then let it rest in it’s own juices overnight.

·      On Day 3 we blind bake our pastry crusts and then deep fill these shells by hand, and finish the pies with a croissant top in the oven for around 35 minutes.

Do you have any sort of loyalty scheme? How does it work?

Yes. We have an "old school punch card system that works in store when you eat in house or coe and grab food to go from the shop. It does NOT work outside the store purchases ie it does NOT work with any delivery service slike Door Dash, Grub Hub, Postmates, Uber Eat24 etc etc. It also does NOT work with catering orders.

Works in store - not with our delivery partners and catering

Works in store - not with our delivery partners and catering


Who designed your recipes?

Our Chef Partner and head spooner is the famous and infamous Chef Joe Youkhan. Joe is a “Chopped” Champion (on the Food Network), and he creates all the magic that goes into our recipes and innovations. He supervises all our cooking – the pies, sides and treats.Joe is the gentle giant - with a black belt, so if you have any complaints we suggest you take them to Nick or Geri.

Are your ingredients organic?

No - other than our coffee which is Vittoria Organic roast. We carefully choose all our ingredients.Many of our suppliers use organic techniques, but we do our best to choose affordable, quality ingredients that come from responsible suppliers. 

How do I reheat a cold pie?

First and foremost, please remember all ovens are different. 

Also remember all our pies are fully cooked. Your job is simply to warm the pie.

Your ambition is to get a not too dry pie centre of above 165 degrees.





You want the center of the pie to be above 165 degrees by thermometer and / or warm on the top and bottom to touch. Not too hot – you will burn your mouth or dry out the pie.

·      If it coming from the refrigerator, then reheat at 325 degrees for approx. 15 minutes. Family (9” pies will take longer)

·      If it is coming slightly warm or room temp, also 325 but check the pie after about 6-7 mins as per above. (9” pies will take longer)

·      For frozen pies - please allow to defrost in fridge overnight.


What Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options do you have?

Our vegetarian options are extensive with feta + kale breakfast pies and rolls, a ratatouille veggie or madras curry veggie pie, mushroom veggie gravy plus various cold sides – depending on the season, and our garlic mash potatoes, minty mushy peas and yams are all great vegetarian options.

We offer a pre-ordered vegan pinwheel and gluten free pies. JUST CALL AHEAD - day before is best.

Please call the shop for details.



What is the calorie count in your food?

There are ZERO CALORIES in any of our packaging :-)

The answer is - we don't know the calorie counts in our pies and sides. We are a small company, and the cost associated with measuring all of those is in the many $1000's. At some stage we will pay the labs to get the accurate info. In the meantime - our mates across the pond in Blighty (that means in the UK), "Pieminister" have published some nutritional info that may be indicatively helpful for you. PIEMINISTER NUTRITIONAL INFO

We cannot and do not guarantee these are the same as ours - but the food is similar, so it is a good directional indicator.

Are your labels edible?

Yes 100% Edible - The ingredients are Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil (Palm), E414, Non GMO Rice Starch, E 172, Palm Oil (Coating)

Made in Holland

Made in Holland

What drinks do you have?

We offer a range of Australian and local non-alcoholic drinks in both our stores including...

  • Vittoria Organic Espresso - from Australia (see below)
  • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks from Australia
  • Coca-Cola, Diet Coke & Sprite
  • Smart still & sparkling Water

Hand shaken cold drinks including

  • Herb Infused lemonade
  • 24 hour Vittoria Cold Brew
  • Aussie Iced Coffee



What is your coffee?

Vittoria Organic roast from Australia.

We think it is the best coffee on earth. Here's the coffee story and 7 reasons why it is the best.  


What is a flat white?

Our signature coffee and as our lead barista describes it - "The goldilocks of coffee". Simply amazing smooth coffee. More details here


Is APK a franchise? Are you part of a chain?

Nope. This is it. Right now there are only 2 APK’s – but we are working on other locations every day.

We have had numerous franchise enquiries.

If you are interested to talk about our scaling and expansion, please contact Nick  expansion@aussiepiekitchen.com


What is a pie floater?


A pie floater is an amazing, delicious and Australia’s time tested and totally proven hangover killer since 1870.

It is a meat pie, upside down in bowl, with a ton of ketchup and a dash of red wine vinegar.

Its available through catering only, and awesome for the big drinkers :-)


Do you do catering?

Yes we love doing catering - and we have a wide range of affordable, memorable and remarkable catering options for breakfast, noon and late night at work -at home and at your event. We cater for as few as a few of you guys at home (just order ahead and pick up) to full silver service to up to 150 guests. Once our new catering facility opens in Summer 2015, we will be able to do events up to 1000 people.Here is a one-sheet summary on catering and more stuff here.

Here's an easy quote form - it will get most of the basics from you and takes less than a minute to complete.


What has the reaction been to APK?

It’s been great.

People come back and they empty their plates. 

You can read some press etc stuff here

When something does go wrong - which it invariably does, we try to fix t in the spot - so please just tell us at the time or if you can't just contact Nick or Geri.


What Else?

If there is anything else you would like to know, please call in at the shop, ask any of our staff or email nick@aussiepiekitchen.com.

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