we really care about coffee

When we first announced that we were opening APK, the Australian's wanted to know if "we were going to have decent coffee".

There was never any doubt - because we had already agreed to have the best - Vittoria Organic Roast.


7 reasons how we care about coffee

  1. Vittoria is a 3rd generation, family owned roasting company with 56 years premium roasting experience using beans that are 100% Arabica, sourced from varying origins in Central and Latin America.
  2. The roasting is done in Australia on one of the most advanced roasting facilities in the world 
  3. We fly the beans in to the West Coast,.and because it will be at our machine within 10 days, our coffee is always fresh, and our taste, quality and consistency unmatched.
  4. We, along with Vittoria, use FAEMA espresso machines exclusively. (They cost about the same as a small car).
  5. Our baristas are trained for a minimum of 5 hours before being allowed behind the handles.
  6. Our signature coffee is the "flat white". Our lead barista , calls it "the Goldilocks of coffee", because as he says "It's not too long, it's not too bold and it is not too milky"As this Bon Appetit article says , it seems to be the next big thing. and in Vogue too.
  7. Vittoria is Australia's best and favorite premium espresso coffee.

We also like cold coffee too. We steep our Vittoria COLD BREW for 24-28 hours.

Also we make an AUSSIE ICED COFFEE - that is COLD BREW with a generous scoop of Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. IT IS THE B-O-M-B !!!!


Grab a flat white and see what all the fork-in fuss is about.