“Chopped” Champion  Chef, Joe Youkhan .  He reinvented the pie

“Chopped” Champion Chef, Joe Youkhan.

He reinvented the pie

 Teamwork makes the dreamwork - Feeding 875 people - 3 courses

Teamwork makes the dreamwork - Feeding 875 people - 3 courses


When Nick Bishop and Geri Chua decided to embark on the Fork-In Aussie Pies® journey, they agreed there was only one Chef who they could trust to do what was needed - Chef Joe Youkhan.

Joe’s ability to “see food”: - the pies that we described and imagined, and then execute it - tens of thousands of times - was what we needed as we set about to reinvent the savory pie.

Joe knew American potpies - (and how bland and uninteresting they generally were), and was introduced to Aussie (meat) pies, and his reaction was similar, although with a few more negative expletives.

So he set about reinventing the pie.

Our pies take 3 days to make

Joe reinvented the preparation - 24-28 hours of marinating the carefully selected proteins and vegetables, featuring Australian Shiraz and Chardonnay

2-4 hours of slow-cooking - and then resting overnight

2 carefully selected pastries - featuring a blind baked shortcrust base, and then adding a buttery croissant top.


These pies are then stacked high with an amazing array of “from scratch” created sides and gravies.

Joes work has paid off in many ways.

Yelp says our pies are the best in the USA