Easy as pie catering

We provide catering for

  • breakfast / lunch / dinner / late night events

  • Cocktail parties & weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, launches & openings

  • late night snacks

in fact everywhere people want to eat and enjoy remarkable and memorable food

At your home, your work, or your event.

We offer three types of caring solutions -

  1. you pick up,

  2. we drop off ,

  3. we do full silver service [often AKA "portion control]

We provide all catering family style - lets talk about about how you want your food to be presented - to make sure it is both easy and practical


Hi Nick,

Party was a great time! Everyone loved the food!! I just posted a Yelp review with how terrific it was. 

The only thing I would suggest is more food. Everyone loved it so much that we were too close to running out. Everyone wanted to of course sample all 3 sliders, so alotting 3-4 per person would have been better. Food is just too delicious.

Thanks for your help!! Will definitely be seeing you again!



We have learned 2 REALLY important things in all the catering we have done

  1. Make sure you get enough food. People love our food - and they are greedy!

  2. Don't give people too many choices. It slows things down. It gives them more reason to take more food.

arugula scoop-min.JPG