"Brekkie" (R)

That's Australian for breakfast. We make Brekkie pies and rolls for breakfast. That's what we are famous for - before lunch.


We make Brekkie pies (like quiches) in 3 sizes and 3 flavors.

Egg based pies with Feta & Kale, Sausage & Cheddar and Bacon & Cheddar.

We also make Brekkie Rolls. Warm croissant with three flavors in 3 sizes

Rolls beyond breakfast & breakfast beyond rolls and pies.

Our rolls are very popular in catering - for breakfast, and also for finger food at cocktail parties.

If you'd like to get more information or an easy estimate, contact us 

We can also do espresso coffee cart / truck and fruit, muesli granola etc if you need that too. Just let us know.

9 inch family : serve 6-8 people

5 inch personal & 3 inch snack / kid size

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