YELP helps. YELP is tough. Meet the "Jonathons"

We, as restauranteurs,and as consumers are very grateful that a transparent, easy to use customer feedback system like Yelp (and Trip Advisor, and Facebook  etc), exist as it certainly helps us get the word out on our restaurant.

It helps customers voice their love and concern, great and terrible, and marginally OK experiences at any service or establishment, with just a few taps and clicks on their mobile devices.

I think Yelp is about 95% correct.

We get a lot of customers every day because of Yelp.

Thank you Yelp.

We also occasionally get a review that is clearly OFF.

They wrote a bad review - but they never came in.  They are either confused by another restaurant - or simply just decided to have "fun" and screw with us.

Take Jonathon S for instance. 

His entire review, and my responses are here.

Jonathan never came in.

He and his friends never got sick.

He never called the shop.

He never spoke to anyone.

He has not responded to my requests to discuss the details of what happened - because it didn't.

Trolls like Jonathon S are a PITA - and Yelp just lets them be.

Not fair. Not right.

As I said, fortunately YELP is right 95 % of the time.




 Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Dude, get a life.