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"So I ran into some Australian's last night that are here on vacation from Perth. We were talking and they asked me what I'm doing here etc basically they were telling me how amazing it is that I'm even here and that alone is a big deal and huge achievement. I thought I'd share this because so many of us get wrapped up in wanting to achieve more and more here but sometimes it's nice to take a step back and give yourself credit for just being here, our way of life is very different to America and this couple was a great reminder of that"

Here's My response

I heard Toni Collette give an amazing acceptance speech at G'Day a few years ago where she acknowledged how lucky she was to be trained and grounded in Australia plus was able to grow / expand / bring her craft to the world - only because of the enormous stage that LA/US offers. 

She went on to say how fortunate she was to have both of those countries behind her - and that she couldn't be where she is or do what she does - without the support of both countries. 

I think the Australians in Los Angeles (as opposed to cities like New York London etc. ) are here to maximize their creativity, make a difference and bring what they do to the world stage. I have lived in a bunch of cities and countries in Oz, Europe and the US - and Los Angeles is by far my favorite. 

My favorite Australians in the world are here doing what they do to make a difference on a huge scale.

I find them generally very grounded in what they do and who they are, and being true Australians. 

Many of the Aussies I've met in New York seem to be just focused on making as much money as they possibly can. Many of the Aussies I met in London seem only interested in becoming either more English "air-hair-lair" or becoming more Australian ( mate! Let's rip the scab off some fuckin tinnies " ) - than they were at home. 

Neither of these are pleasant in my opinion.

I think the best Australians in the world are here in LA. 

Be here

Make a difference

Enjoy the opportunity