PIE-oneers from Melbourne - aged 8 and 10

In about October of 2015, a family of 4 from Melbourne were eating at the "big table" in Santa Monica.

It was Mum, Dad and 2 girls about 8 & 10.

It seemed clear they were enjoying their holiday and their lunch, as they were having a very animated (in a good way) lunch, with lots of chatter going on between the 4 of of them throughout the whole meal. (Remember family meals before cell phones….. I digress).

I checked in with them once or twice, and at the end of the lunch, the youngest girl politely said "Hey Mister, can we talk to you?"

Of course.

The 8 year old started talking.

"We want to open a couple of Aussie Pie Kitchen's in Melbourne. We know 2 places that we think will work. My Dad is going to run everything, and count all the money , and stuff like that. My Mum will cook, and do everything there. Dad will help her. My sister and I are going to look after all the customers and bring their food, and drinks and stuff."

"Is that OK?"

Absolutely. :-)