BTW it was NOT BO /POTUS that was crying

BTW it was NOT BO /POTUS that was crying

A few months after we opened, a man was sitting in the corner facing into the corner, eating a pie, and sobbing.

I think his name was Mark.

When I say sobbing, I really mean balling his eyes out, tears running down his cheeks and adding a salty addition to his pie. (Some SM residents think our pies are too salty - others say they are personally seasoned, go figure).

He was clearly emotional about something - and the last time I saw a grown man cry, in solitude, in public was me - about 8 years ago flying 1st class from London to Adelaide on Singapore Airlines for my Mum's funeral - but thats another story...

I gingerly approached the gentleman, and asked if everything was alright. (I know, it clearly wasn't, but i had to check in with him).

"I haven't had this pie for 60 years" he sobbed."My grandmother used to make this lamb pie"