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"This may be a pie shop but it's not an Aussie pie shop. If it is the proprietor should hanG his/her head in shame."

2 STAR YELP REVIEW  - April 2016

How authentic are our pies?
They're not.

Our pies are different.

Pies in Australia are generally mass-produced by the (tens of) 
thousand(s), sold in gas stations, c-stores and at sporting events. 

Pies in Australia are hand held, and eaten out of a paper bag, 
drowned in "sauce" (ketchup) and usually eaten on the run. 

Pies are the Australian equivalent of a hot dog.

Fork-In Aussie Pies are definitely inspired by the Australian meat pie,
we have completely re-invented, re-created, and re-built the pie from the crust down.

Our approach, recipes, ingredients, cooking techniques, and accompanying hot & 
cold sides make us a very different version of the classic Aussie Pie.

Our Chef, Joe Youkhan is a “Chopped” Champion. 
He had never made a meat pie before APK.

We take 3 days to make every pie. 
We marinate ingredients for 24-28 hours, then we slow cook for 2-4 hours, then let
it rest another day. We finish the pie by blind baking a buttery, high quality pastry
base and add a separate croissant top. These pastries are delicious yet crumbly to hold.

95 +% of our customers stack our pies with sides.
Our sides are hot and cold and include minty, mushy peas, hand mashed
roasted garlic potatoes, roasted yams with cinnamon & nutmeg , croissant stuffing
with sausage and kale, mac n 3 cheeses, or Edamame and Sweetcorn succotash.
We top our pies with a generous drizzling of creamy thyme or mushroom gravy.

Less than 1% of our customers eat their pies with sauce [aka ketchup]. 

Our pies are NOT hand held (snack) pies. 
Our pies are a fork-in meal – but as we say,  
"we'd rather eat them than hold them"

Is it Better?  You Decide.

Is it different? Abso-fork-in-lutely!

PS. If you want a really authentic Aussie Pie, go see our mates at Garlos Pies in Westwood.