Reinventing the pie.

Australians, and the entire commonwealth, have eaten (savory) pies for generations.

In Australia, we mostly buy them at gas stations,  c-stores and at sporting events, and eat them in our hands.

It is our equivalent of a hot dog.

Filling, fast, familiar, food. Just not fab.


We felt that we could, [and should], reinvent the pie.

So we did.

We wanted to make it more of a gourmet meal, rather than a street snack.

In partnership with "Chopped" Champion Chef, Joe Youkhan, we reinvented the pie, from the top down.

The way it is prepared  - we take 3 days to make each one.

The way it is served - on a plate stacked with sides & gravy.

The way you eat it - with a fork, not your hands.

Reaction - it's been really good.

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