Bigger can be better!

All our fork-in delicious pies are now available in a 9” family sized pie - as well as 3" sliders and 5" personal pies.

Our sides are also available in 3 sizes - 8, 16 and 32 oz.

These pies & sides actually take 3 days to make – so pre – order yours now by email or ask a staff member at one of our stores.

 [*we reckon the Family Pies will feed 6-8 people – but depends how greedy or hungry you are] 

All Pies and SIDES can be SOLD COLD = or warm and ready to eat. Just tell us what you want

PIES and SIDES REHEAT BEAUTIFULLY and are safe in the FRIDGE for 5 days



A ONE SHEET of all prices is located here. Print it off.

Write what u need on the sheet and then bring it in or send it to us -