the pie. reinvented.

our pies take 3 days to make, 

and are fork-in delicious


Our Story

A unique collaboration between 3 friends

  • a "Chopped" Champion chef - Joe Youkhan
  • a hacker, planner & realist - Geri Chua,
  • a global marketing & advertising executive, Nicholas (Nick) Bishop.

The result - a totally reinvented range of gourmet comfort foods - centered in & around the savory "meat" pie.

Our pies take 3 days to make.


Exceptionally Crafted Comfort food for today.

gourmet comgort 4489-2.png

We make a range of gourmet comfort food for a wide variety of occasions.

Meals. Snacks. Catering.

At home. At work.   

In our restaurants - or in your restaurants (and cafes and brew pubs).

At your formal event. At your casual event.

Brekkie. Lunch. Dinner.

Cocktail parties and Happy Hours.

Late night parties.

We will also start shipping pies nationally, very soon

Memorable, remarkable gourmet comfort.

For you - when, when and how you need it


Only our 5 inch personal pies are offered in our restaurants every day.

Other sizes, formats and *special dietary pies must be pre-ordered.



Our Pies.

All our pies feature our signature  “3 days to make” slow cooked, savory fillings.

9 base flavors - combination pies also available

  • TURKEY & SAGE *gf
  • VEGGIE *vegan/gf
  • BBQ Pulled Pork with Mac n 3 Cheeses

4 Sizes

  1. Personal Pies : 5 inch diameter pies for an individual meal - these are available every day in our restaurants.
  2. 9 inch Family : Will feed 6-8 people depending on how hungry or greedy you are (pre-order only)
  3. 4 oz Cutie Pies ; Perfect snack pies for kids school lunches,and more substantial cocktail parties - from 1-3 ingredients (pre-order only)
  4. 2 oz Even Cuter pies - perfect "tasters" - 1-2 ingredients (pre-order only)

4 Formats

  1. AUSSIE PIES : feature 2 pastries. Traditional pie shell base with buttery French croissant top, loaded with our signature savory fillings.
  2. POT PIES : feature 1 top pastry - a buttery croissant top over our 3 days to make savory fillings
  3. SHEPHERD's PIEs : No pastry - just our fillings combined with sides in traditional and non traditional combinations - in microwavable "tins"
  4. PIES in JARS® : Our remarkable fillings, sides, gravies and soups in mason jars - for microwavable convenience.

      A number of our pies can be made in vegan, gf and dairy free formats at additional cost.

      All pies can be stacked with sides – inside or out.

      8 sides & gravies

      • ROASTED GARNET YAMS vegan/gf
      • MAC N 3 CHEESES


      • CREAMY THYME gf  
      • or MUSHROOM GRAVY vegan/gf


      Most people stack our Aussie Pies with sides.

      By special order, it is also possible to combine filling and sides flavors inside our pies and jars.

      Here a re a few of our favorite combinations. Want something else? Lets talk

      1. CLASSIC TIGER : Ground Beef, Mash & Peas
      2. ALMOST THANKSGIVING : Chicken Tarragon, Sausage stuffing & yams
      3. THANKSGIVING : Turkey Sage, Sausage stuffing & yams
      4. SURFERS BREKKIE® : Thai Curry Chicken and peas
      5. CLASSIC SHEPHERD : Ground Beef & Mash
      6. VEGGIE SHEPHERD : Madras Curry & Yams

      email nick or geri and let us know what you need.

      pot pies to die for
      — LA WEEKLY
      A hidden gem on Main Street
      — Chef Brad Miller
      This pie took 3 days to make, I think it’s going to take 3 minutes to demolish. It’s official - if you’re in Santa Monica - you have to stop by Aussie Pie Kitchen
      — hangry diary
      The best Thanksgiving stuffing your mom never made
      — Richard Foss
      I rode my motorcycle from Deadhorse, Alaska to Yaziza, Panama and am now returning home again to Alaska. In that 20K miles Fork-in was the best comfort, if not overall best, food I have eaten on the trip. I came back to Santa Monica just to eat here. Well worth the stop and hard to imagine being beaten.
      — Zack Sherman Lead wanderer at Expedition Recovery
          My family and I are obsessed and can’t stop talking about how much we loved everything we ate at Fork-In Aussie Pies when we visited Santa Monica this past July. My daughter and I shared the chicken tarragon pie stacked with mashed potatoes and minty mushy peas. It was amazing and unlike anything we had ever had before. Unfortunately I don’t foresee us getting back there any time soon because we live in New Jersey. Would you be willing to share your recipe for the tarragon chicken with me? I will sign a non-disclosure agreement if necessary. I have no intention on opening a restaurant or anything like that, I just want to recreate the meal for my family.
          I look forward to hearing from you.
      — Michelle C
      15 pieces #2-min.JPG


      2510 Main Street, #B

      Santa Monica CA 90405

      TEL [310] 399 0PIE (743)

      Open 7 days

      11 am - 8 pm Mon-Friday

      9 am - 8 pm SAT & SUN


      aka "El Segundo"

      11918 Aviation Blvd

      Inglewood CA 90304

      Tel [424] 348 8060

      Open 5 days

      Mon - Fri  9 am - 7 pm

      "Catering must be (super) easy for the host & remarkable for the guests - otherwise, why bother?"

      Since we opened our doors in 2014 we have fed 10's of thousands of folks in our 2 restaurants, via our delivery partners, and at 100's of catered events.

      These catered events have been

      BIg & Small

      Fancy & Casual

      Corporate & Private

      Some recent events

      • 850 person "Heal the Bay" Annual Gala - full service
      • 320 person Honest Company Thanksgiving Lunch - buffet
      • 200 person Youtube Studios influencer dinner - buffet
      • 220 person formal wedding - full service
      • 1500 person Banc of California Holiday party - buffet 
      • 100 person wedding shower - tray pass
      • 65 person masonic hall dinner - full service
      • 165 person Lunch & Learn - pie in a box
      • Various 15-45 person training lunches - pie in a box

      Regular office lunches for 25 -200 people for a wide range of companies including tech, social media. production companies, lawyers, financial services, advertising agencies, content creators,  etc.

      If you'd like  an estimate for your event, or like to talk about pies for your party or event let us know.

      Wanna know more?

      We'd love to see if we can work together.

      Big or small. Fancy or Casual. @ home or @ work.

      Big or small. Fancy or Casual. @ home or @ work.

      Most of the catering we do is served family style, however we also do individual boxed lunches, which we call this pie-in-a-box.

      Here's some pictures of what we've done for a range of our catering clients.